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  • What is The Menu Cloud?

INTUITIVE - WEB-BASED Food & Beverage Tools Designed to help you Manage your Restaurant from Anywhere!

Menu and Recipe Management System.

Easily Access, Edit, and Store: Menus, Recipes, and Ingredients while tracking your Restaurant's food cost and consistency, Our live Dashboard and Apps can help manage all aspects of your operations. The Menu Cloud will help any sized operation save money!

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See how Menu Cloud works for...

The Chef

Chefs need tools. Menu Cloud provides those tools.

Menu Items and Recipes - Develop in your Kitchen on a Smart Phone, Tablet or Lap Top.

Cost Control - Live view of your Sales, Costs, Daily Budget, Theo/Ideal Cost and Menu Mix

Other Apps - Prep Sheet App, Order Guides, Waste App, Chefs Log Book, High Cost Item App,, Schedule App and Much More.

Our online applications are built with one thing in mind, the CHEFS LOVE 4 FOOD! Our apps are geared towards helping chefs spread their passion for all things culinary. The Menu Cloud is filled with tools to help chefs spread the love♥

The Manager

Analytics that are Useful and Beautiful.

Information kept in multiple systems. P.O.S, Payroll, Purchasing Systems and Other information are often difficult to combine and understand. Menu Cloud easily Connects to these multiple data sources, so that you can finally have a LIVE view of your business and identify the areas for operational success.

Menus - Menu Design App: Display menus any where. Design your menu and print, or display it on any device! Website, In house Screens, Customer Tablets and Much More,,

Real-time dashboards, forecasting/budgeting, real-time performance, cost of sales, revenue, labor analytic, high Cost Item App, same day comparison, per-cover analysis and much more..

The Owner

Menu Cloud will Increase your Revenue and Decrease Costs

Increase your revenue through our proven menu monitoring system! Our tools were designed by industry professionals to ensure the best margin of success. Positively impact your bottom line today!

Everything you need to successfully transform your F&B Operation into a more efficient, consistent, safe, and profitable one.

Forecasting: Give your Chefs and Managers the tools they need to make informed decisions.

Return on Investment: Our average ROI is 2 Months and Average Food and Beverage cost reduction is 10% -20%.

The Team Member

All the info they need in one Workspace

Improve Service Team - Identify top performers and best practices; uncover those in need of training and support. Create a positive and consistent experience for your guests.

Improve Back of The House Team - Access your Platting, Recipes, Menus or Reports anywhere! From your kitchen to office manage standard operating procedures online. For your employees this means no guess work needed! ♥

Uncover Theft and Waste - ♥Insure all items are being accounted for. Track all items from high cost Steaks, Bottles of Wine, Etc.

4. Other Apps: Labor / Scheduling App, Online SOP Book, and Much More

The Customer

Consistent and Creative Menu Items = Happy Guests.

Whether your menu is being displayed on an LCD, Tablet, Website, or Smart Phone, The Menu Cloud centralizes your control. With our built-in display board feature you can customize how customers interact with your menu.

The Menu Cloud allows you to post your menus to Face-book. Now you can see what people are craving and track it through our online admin portal♥

Stay Creative and Inspired!!! We can help your Chefs and Managers get out of the office and spend more time interacting and creating amazing experiences for your guests.