How does using our On-site Culinary Install Team Work?

Six Easy Steps to your Menu Cloud - Food and Beverage Operational Solution.

Step 1

Call us or fill out the Menu Cloud setup form

We will contact you to discuss the goals and needs of your Restaurant.(702)586-9539

Step 2

Create work flows and setup your Menus, Ingredients, Plating Specs(menu items)

After the contract has been signed, To help us get to know your company better, we will have you fill out our questionnaire. This will help during the conversion and with creating your final database. Afer that it's time to have our Team Setup your Menu's and Plating Spec's and our Project Manager generate the Work flow App's.

Step 3

Build your Ingredients and Recipes

Recipe and Ingredient setup with your Chefs and Management Team. We will have a development or "staging" area that is behind a secure login site so that only our team and you the client can view the progress of the Setup.

Step 4

On-site Culinary Team Training and Implementation

Lean-Clean Kitchen. We will collaboratively work with the Management and Culinary team with Reorganization and reviewing workflow of the Kitchen, Hotline, Prep area, Walk-ins, Freezers etc. Add any missing Ingredients to your database. Train Chefs, Managers and Kitchen Staff on using Menu Cloud. Install any Hardware Packages that you have ordered.

Step 5

Taking Menu Cloud LIVE

This is where we hookup your Menus to your Website, Social Connections, Online Ordering etc. and setup your P.O.S. and Ingredient Interfaces, Production Sheets, Order Guides, Plating Spec and Recipe Apps.

Step 6

Debug, Tastings, Feedback

This phase is all about going through and testing the Recipes, Menus, Plating Specs and checking for bugs, ingredient conversion issues, usability issues, glaring mistakes etc.



Customer Support

Culinarybi is committed to support customers before, during and after a purchase. Our support services include different plans so you can select the level of service that’s right for your company. All our plans are designed to accelerate user adoption and increase productivity.

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Chef Support

We are committed to providing world-class support for Chef and Managers. Your success is our success.

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Recipe Support

Easily manage and develop your recipes Online! Integrate recipes into menus instantly with our Menu Builder. Maintaining menu cost is now a piece of cake with The Menu Cloud! Call or Click Below to get help now!! (702-586-9539

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Administrator Training

Easily manage and develop your recipes Online! Integrate recipes into menus instantly with our Menu Builder. Maintaining menu cost is now a piece of cake with The Menu Cloud!

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Developer Training

Easily manage and develop your recipes Online! Integrate recipes into menus instantly with our Menu Builder. Maintaining menu cost is now a piece of cake with The Menu Cloud!

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Chef Training

We will work directly with the BOH to insure the implementation off all Platting Specs, Recipes, Menus and Ingredients. CBI can conduct the training of all BOH staff on the new initiatives being implemented.

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Manager Training

CBI can conduct the training of all the restaurant managers on the new initiatives being implemented. Your F&B Restaurant team will be driven to exceed performance requirements and they will participate in activities to build restaurant sales and profits.

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Strategic Services


Menu Design


Menu Design

Logo Design

Concept Development

Food Presentation



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Expert Services

Culinarybi  will  help you diversify your business, reinvent it or rethink how it operates. We will  set clear goals, and strategies. CBI will provide a comprehensive program designed to assist you and your organization growth.  Our service is designed to assist your staff through each stage of the process.  We will be with you from initial assessment and implementation until the process is complete.  CBI industry expertise will  help restaurant operators maximize operating efficiency, enhance menu innovation and optimize bottom line for robust financial results.

CBI can implement Menu Cloud a custom written method for forecasting daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales. Then we allocate cost to the forecast-ed sales allowing for a fair profit margin. All this must be done in relation to the competitive price-value-quality equation.

CBI will provide and instruct your staff on working with projected income statements that will provide information to your management about the financial performance. Your management team will understand the controllable and fixed costs and how they affect the operating margin.

CBI will provide custom staffing templates made for each restaurant determining the number of employees needed for each day with the associated dollar value. CBI will do a break-even analysis which is a useful technique for restaurants profitability.

Ultimately the results are: increased sales, improved profit margin, superior food quality, exceed guest expectations in service and lower payroll. CBI has developed formats that have been tested in the marketplace for 20 years and have proven to be successful.

By implementing Menu Cloud and implementing training programs for the management team, CBI is confident we will reach the expectations desired. CBI will thoroughly analyze your current bars and restaurants, and evaluate how they connect to and function with other liaisons of the "house" such as: the kitchen; bar; point-of-sale; purchasing, accounting and most importantly  the customer. During this study, the "structure and process" connections of the food service delivery and maintenance systems are observed and reviewed allowing necessary logistical improvements to be implemented.

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Program Leader

CBI will work closely with Management , and train your staff. We will train your team on Menu Cloud programs, that are designed to be user friendly to assist managers in evaluating the operation. Without this information the manager is at a complete disadvantage.  
Our mission will be to Protecting Restaurant Profits .We will evaluate areas from internal theft to raising awareness to prevent theft and loss prevention. Internal theft accounts for seventy five percent of restaurant inventory shortages.
CBI will implement preventive measures to help control your inventories. CBI will conduct classes with the managers and chefs.

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